"You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you" - Isaiah 55:12

3 January 2016

Some favourite moments from the 2015 tramping year

Having had a busier year tramping in 2015, I thought I'd post a selection of some of my favourite moments from the year.

The photos may not necessarily be my best ones, but they reflect some of the highlights of the year for me.
The trigger for this exercise came from reading of Jim Goldstein's yearly collection of people's 'Best of ...." photo project (read about it here), and it was quite difficult to whittle it down to just 10 images. As such, there are a few that I would have liked to include, but was unable to.


Arriving at Magdalen Hut - March 2015

I chose this image of Julia arriving at Magdalen Hut purely for the memories of a fun weekend away together.

Approaching Woolshed Creek Hut - April 2015

This was our first overnight tramp alone with our kids, making it a special trip. This is the view down to the hut, located next to the creek. Once they spied the hut, the kids were very excited!

Castle Hill Peak and The Gap - May 2015

Early winter, and I was able to tick off a mountain high on my to-do list, Mt Torlesse. Being visible from home, I had often gazed up and imagined myself atop its' summit.

This is the view across the valley to Castle Hill Peak and The Gap, which I visited on separate trips in 2014, with the early morning sun just reaching the tops.

Mt Lyndon - June 2015

I made a conscious effort to tramp more in winter this year, rather than go into hibernation for a few months. Heavy snow falls just prior to a couple of trips forced me to change plans and postpone, but on this occasion I went anyway, albeit to a much gentler mountain than planned. A spectacular winter day in the mountains.

Big Hill Range, from Staces Hill - August 2015

I have fond memories of this day, mostly because it opened my eyes to the splendour of this part of the country having not tramped in the area before.

Lake Heron and Taylor Range - August 2015

This image I very nearly didn't take. We were on our way home from climbing Staces Hill and my camera was packed away thinking it was done for the day. As we rounded Lake Heron the late afternoon light was hitting the mountains, forcing us to stop and admire. Even then I reluctantly got my camera out (with stern prompting from one of our party!), and am very glad I did!

Lake Emma on a perfectly calm day - September 2015

Another family day out, and we were treated to a stunning day. It's not often calm through here, we were truly blessed.
Tramping along the ridge, Broken Hill - September 2015

Another really fun day out, memorable partly due to the fact that it seemed to be raining everywhere round us but we stayed dry!

Cameron Valley - October 2015

The absolute highlight of the year was our overnight tramp up the Cameron Valley. A truly spectacular place. The hut is nestled at the foot of the mountains just left of centre behind the moraines.

Dawn in the Cameron Valley - October 2015

What a way to start the day! - first light hitting the tops of the Arrowsmith Range, while the moon sets behind it.

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