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15 December 2014

Comyns Hut (attempt) - 6 December 2014

It had been quite a while between tramps, so I was rather looking forward to this weekend away. With the fickle spring/early summer weather proving yet again to be difficult to predict, we ran through several options before settling on Comyns Hut as our destination.
Nestled in the block of country between the Rakaia River and Lake Heron, it offered reasonable prospects of decent weather as it sits well east of the Main Divide, which was expecting a barrage of rain from the northwest.

The proposed route would take us over Turtons Saddle and down to Comyns Hut, a 4-5 hour journey into the heart of mustering country.
Unfortunately we only got a short distance before one of our party became very unwell. Despite valiant efforts it became clear we couldn't go any further so, after a rest to recharge, we turned and made the short trek back to the car.

A sad end to a promising weekend, but one that at least gave us a glimpse of country we'd like to return to see more of, with a number of good old mustering huts scattered throughout the area.

Looking up the Rakaia River from the start of the tramp

View across the Rakaia up the Wilberforce River, flanked by Mts Algidus (left) and Oakden

Rolleston Range

Early in the tramp, the first section passes through still-used farmland

The views opening up as we gain height

The end of the road for us on this trip, and the remarkable rock mid-valley

Pleasant travel through open farmland

Rolleston Range

Returning to the car, Mt Oakden (1633m) ahead

Looking up Glenrock Stream, and a view of the rock outcrop

Cloud building along the Main Divide
Almost back at the car (behind the trees ahead) - wonderful country

Proposed route to Comyns Hut
Crown Copyright - Land Information NZ

Access: Follow SH77 through the Rakaia Gorge, then around 3km west of the gorge turn right onto Blackford Rd. Follow this road (which becomes Double Hill Run Rd for35km to the marked easement at Glenrock Stream.

Time: Road to Comyns Hut 4-5hrs

Map: BW19 Taylors Camp, BW20 Lake Coleridge, BX19 Hakatere

Huts: A Frame Hut (3 bunks), Comyns Hut (8 bunks)

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